The word “liturgy” means the work of the people.  I love adapting, writing and sharing liturgy, because I believe that is how we create the most meaningful liturgy of all, the liturgy of the people.  Below are liturgies that I have crafted, shaped and/or cherished with appropriate credits and attributions.

Holy Week

Maundy Thursday Service I (Hand & Footwashing, Communion and Tenebrae)
Maundy Thursday Service II (Hand & Footwashing, Communion and Tenebrae)
Easter Sunrise Service
Easter Communion Liturgy


Pentecost Communion Liturgy

Ordinary Time

Body of Christ – Communion Liturgy
Esther – Pastoral Prayer 
Woman at the Well – Pastoral Prayer

World Communion Sunday

Altar Design
Communion Liturgy
World Communion & Gun Violence – Pastoral Prayer 
Worship Liturgy & Hymn Options

All Saints’ Day

All Saints Litany
All Saints Communion Liturgy


Interfaith Thanksgiving Benediction

Marking Occasions

Congregant is Moving: A Liturgy of Farewell
Congregant is Moving: A Liturgy of Farewell II

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