The Imprint of Sole

Acts 9:36-43 [watch video here] Transforming love. Let’s take a survey. Who has ever been transformed by love? Raise your hand if the answer is yes. I have! How have you been transformed? Has it been like the slow drip of rainthat leaves scattered holes on a rock’s surface? Or have you experienced a sudden transformation–likeContinue reading “The Imprint of Sole”

In Case of Emergency

I once saw a statue of a four-year old girl encased in glass untouched by loving hands, falling leaves, or friendly squirrels. Untouched by weather, she remained a perfect marble statue. Likewise, my loved ones live in glass display cases. Through computer screens, I see them. Through devices, I hear them. Through keyboard pads, weContinue reading “In Case of Emergency”

Nothing Going On: A Pandemic Prayer

Mark 1:9-15 Desert Storks-Bill:A flower in the Judean desert,which opens in the morning,for hours decorating bare slopesand dropping petals before noon. Attuned to the weather,this perennial plant producesstorage sacs – or tubers – on its roots,so it can flower in rainy years,and remain underground in dry years. In the forty days that Jesus trekked theContinue reading “Nothing Going On: A Pandemic Prayer”

Proverbs of Friendship

Friendship is like a fortune that can never fully be spent. Friendship is like an hour in the sunshine.The warmth outside us becomes the warmth within us. Friendship is anticipated laughter.And it is remembered kindness. Aging friendship is like a tree you get to see grow tall and full, as it stretches its arms to the sky and theContinue reading “Proverbs of Friendship”

A Revelrous, Rebellious Run

While it was still dark, I awoke.I wasn’t ready, but I awoke.I slipped on my running shoes, grabbed my pack,with its water and sugary snacks,and streamed out the door. The dawn whispered as I arrived at the trailhead.My friend started his GPS as we took off, running.I wondered, could I do it?Uncertain, I pressed myContinue reading “A Revelrous, Rebellious Run”