The Pursuit of Freedom

Luke 8:26-39 [Watch the sermon here.] Jesus steps out of the boat onto the shoreline.A man approaches him wildly. Homeless and naked,this man lives in the local cemetery. Filled with demons,he shrieks, “Why are you interfering with me, Jesus?” It’s a violent and feral welcome to a new land. Yet Jesus has compassion,softens himself, andContinue reading “The Pursuit of Freedom”

Vegan Power 25K Race Report

The race really begins with the preparation. Berkshire Botanical Garden The day before the race, Matt and I arrived at the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, MA to stretch our legs. We drank in the quaking aspens, the pond full of water lilies, and the blooming big leaf magnolia. This magnolia has leaves bigger thanContinue reading “Vegan Power 25K Race Report”

The Voyage of Wonder

Proverbs 8:1-10, 22-31 [watch sermon here] There’s an air of playfulness about Woman Wisdom.She relishes being in God’s presence, always.God delights in spending time with her.Woman Wisdom rejoices in the earth as mountains erupt into place,and seas splash the shorelines. She finds herself in the busiest parts of the city.She stands at the gate asContinue reading “The Voyage of Wonder”

Smoldering Ashes

Acts 2:1-21; watch the video here When the day of Pentecost arrived,they all met in one room. Like a movie,Pentecost is filled with fantastical activity:winds roar; flames dance;foreign words fly from people’s mouths. Yet, what wows me todayis that the group all met in one location. Another translation reads,When the day of Pentecost arrived,they were allContinue reading “Smoldering Ashes”

As If

Acts 16:16-34; watch sermon here                                     — Dear God, Help us to be really present.To you. To each other.To your Word. Amen. There’s a freedom song that sings of Paul and Silas in prison. The freedom song is called “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.”It was written for the Freedom Riders,black and white civil rights activistsContinue reading “As If”