A Willingness to Weep

John 2:1-12; watch video here On a cold winter day,there’s a woman on the New York subwayin a thin sweater, clearly freezing and hungry.She’s asking for money; a few people hand her a dollar quicklywithout eye contact. Everyone’s trying to get the whole thing over with.She’s carrying bags of stuff, bumping into peoplewho are grumbling andContinue reading “A Willingness to Weep”

Mistakes Are a Gift / Times I Have Failed Horribly

Dear lovely ones, Sometimes, we desperately want to do something well and we fail horribly. Has that ever happened to you?   I began thinking of my own stories of failure as I listened to the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast on my morning walk.   In the episode “Unexpected Joy: How do we redefine success so we canContinue reading “Mistakes Are a Gift / Times I Have Failed Horribly”