What Then Should We Do?

Luke 3:7-20 The crowds empty out onto the desert.They have heard about John.His words can cut like a knifethrough the shroud of societal lies.His words can make your heart beat again,even after the coldness of apathy has stilled it. The people ache to see John.The people are afraid to see John. What would he sayContinue reading “What Then Should We Do?”

Lesson and Carols: Rose Edition

Prelude Introduction Roses exude a sweet perfume and dazzle the eye with their intricate layers of petals. This Sunday we will reflect on the rose as a symbol within the Christian tradition. What do roses teach us about God? Mary, mother of Jesus, is traditionally associated with roses. In the Catholic tradition, people use theContinue reading “Lesson and Carols: Rose Edition”

Lift from the Core

James 3:13-4:3, 7-8a James writes,If you are wise and understand God’s ways,prove it by living an honorable life,doing good works with the humility that comes from wisdom. James conveys to uswhat is at the coreof the Christian lifestyle:humility. Another translation reads,Show by your good life that your works are donewith gentleness born of wisdom. DrawContinue reading “Lift from the Core”

An Orientation to Transformation

James 2:1-10, 14-17 (Watch sermon here.) James writes, “My siblings, your faith in our glorious Savior Jesus Christ must not allow favoritism.” Do you play favorites? How do you know when you are playing favorites? Hm. At the core of our faith, Jesus provides an orientation to a life of transformation. Jesus begins this orientationContinue reading “An Orientation to Transformation”

The Art of Conversation

James 3:1-12 (Watch sermon here.) Our passage today is a snippet of a letter. I am going to continue reading it, so you hear how James emphasizes wisdom after speaking of the dangers of speaking. James writes, “Are any of you wise and understanding? Show that your actions are good with a humble lifestyle thatContinue reading “The Art of Conversation”