Long Island Sound Winter Birding

The Connecticut River is the only principal American River without a port at its mouth.  This fact means that the area where the river empties into the Long Island has remained largely wild and it an excellent place for birding. On a bird outing today, I spotted the following birds: Horned Grebe (If you look closely,Continue reading “Long Island Sound Winter Birding”

An Ash Wednesday Meditation on Hell’s Kitchen & Forgiveness

Joel 2:12-17 I have recently been watching a lot of Hell’s Kitchen.  Has anyone seen that show?  To sum it up, a bunch of aspiring chefs come together to prove their skill in a series of competition while a famous chef named Gordon Ramsey yells at them and tells them what bad cooks they are. InContinue reading “An Ash Wednesday Meditation on Hell’s Kitchen & Forgiveness”