The Passing of the Peace

Matthew 9:35-10:14 Peace be with you. In the Christian faith, we have a tradition called “the passing of the peace”.  During the passing of the peace, we say to one another: “May the peace of Christ be with you” or maybe just “peace be with you” and the other person responds “and also with you.”Continue reading “The Passing of the Peace”

The Walk of Trust: A Pilgrimage to St. Louis

In May 29, 2017, I walked in a pilgrimage of trust in St. Louis, Missouri, initiated by the monastic community from Taize, France. The walk amplified local black voices. During the walk, I got to hear stories from a priest from Ferguson, a water engineer from Nebraska, a nun from St. Louis, and a localContinue reading “The Walk of Trust: A Pilgrimage to St. Louis”