Carnivorous Plants: Sundew

I am delighted to introduce you to the sundew (genus: Drosera)!  They live on every continent except Antarctica.   The genus Drosera is comprised of over ninety species! The sundew grows sticky tenacles on its long leave blades as a way to catch insects.  In many species, the leaf then folds over itself, like a sandwich,Continue reading “Carnivorous Plants: Sundew”

The Walk of Trust: A Pilgrimage to St. Louis

In May 29, 2017, I walked in a pilgrimage of trust in St. Louis, Missouri, initiated by the monastic community from Taize, France. The walk amplified local black voices. During the walk, I got to hear stories from a priest from Ferguson, a water engineer from Nebraska, a nun from St. Louis, and a localContinue reading “The Walk of Trust: A Pilgrimage to St. Louis”

Changing Your Life

Matthew 4:12-23 “Just do the next right thing.” This is what Glennon Doyle Melton tells herself as she sits on the bathroom floor.  I have mentioned Glennon previously.  Glennon is an author and blogger who tells the story about her addiction to food, alcohol and drugs. One day, in the midst of her struggle, sheContinue reading “Changing Your Life”

All Saints Communion Liturgy

One: To come to this table is to affirm abundant life – to acknowledge the reality of our lives and encourage one another as the children of God, as the saints of the Church. Many: Gathered together in all our diversity, we make real the Body of Christ for the world. One: Together we re-memberContinue reading “All Saints Communion Liturgy”

A Commitment to Well-Being

Luke 8:26-39 Philosopher and theologian Cornell West once said, “Once we begin to love each other and love others, we have something that is hard to stop because love is not some wayward sentiment. It’s a steadfast commitment to the well-being of others.” Have you ever thought about love that way? As a commitment toContinue reading “A Commitment to Well-Being”