Joy’s Birthday Party: Sept. 10

Hello, welcome to my birthday party! I turn 37 on September 8; to celebrate, I am running the Ultra Trail Harricana 65K on September 10. This race is my birthday party! I invite you to attend my birthday party digitally, or in person if you would like to travel to Quebec. To attend my virtualContinue reading “Joy’s Birthday Party: Sept. 10”

Carnivorous Plants: Sundew

I am delighted to introduce you to the sundew (genus: Drosera)!  They live on every continent except Antarctica.   The genus Drosera is comprised of over ninety species! The sundew grows sticky tenacles on its long leave blades as a way to catch insects.  In many species, the leaf then folds over itself, like a sandwich,Continue reading “Carnivorous Plants: Sundew”

Carnivorous Plants: Butterwort

Today, I want to introduce you to the butterwort (Pinguicula)! The butterwort is considered an active flypaper because it has sticky leaves that catch animals* and move to curl around them. At the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, the butterworts are teeny tiny.  On February 11, the first butterwort I saw measured 1-2 inches wideContinue reading “Carnivorous Plants: Butterwort”

Carnivorous Plants: Parrot Pitcher

Today, I want to introduce you to the parrot pitcher (Sarracenia psittacina), which is a type of trumpet pitcher! I like to think of the parrot pitcher as a bit of a magician or an illusionist. The parrot pitcher lies horizontally. In order to lure the animals in, the parrot pitcher places nectar on theContinue reading “Carnivorous Plants: Parrot Pitcher”

Carnivorous Plants: Trumpet Pitcher

I am excited to share with you one of my new loves: carnivorous plants! Carnivorous plants rivet me. They eat insects, yes, but these plants are considered carnivorous rather than insectivorous because they have also been known to eat a stray tree frog or two! In the book Carnivorous Plants, Adrian Slack hypothesizes that carnivorousContinue reading “Carnivorous Plants: Trumpet Pitcher”