About the Reverend Joy Perkett



I am originally from Rochester, NY and attended undergraduate college at University at Albany where I studied psychology and French. My last semester, I studied abroad in Montpellier, France. I love languages and continue to learn and practice where I can.

For my graduate education, I attended Boston University where I earned both my Master of Social Work and Master of Divinity. I interned at a homeless shelter, a domestic violence shelter and a Methodist church start. After graduation, I worked as a case manager with people recovering from addiction and mental illness and as community organizer around issues of poverty and worker justice.

For me, congregational ministry is the most meaningful way that I can use my gifts of faith and action.  I currently serve as an American Baptist pastor.  I enjoy preaching, pastoring, meeting new people, traveling, birding and hiking in the mountains.

When I have free time, you can usually find me outdoors.  During the summer of 2014, I had the good fortune to hike the legendary Laugavegurinn trail in Iceland, which is one of the most beautiful hikes that I have done.  It looks like a painter streaked the mountains with gold, white, turquoise and black.  I am a 35er, winter 35er (i.e. I hiked all the Catskills high peaks in the regular season and winter) and recently became a 46er (i.e. I hiked all the high peaks in the Adirondacks). I have also hiked parts of the Via Alpina in the Alps and have dreams of hiking the John Muir trail and — one day — the Appalachian Trail.

Under an Icelandic waterfall with my partner.

Under an Icelandic waterfall with my partner Matt.

I use this site as a way to share sermons, but I also share liturgy, altar design, blog posts and photos.

This blog is a way for me to honor the truth that in the midst of the struggle and suffering, beauty and justice and peace are breaking into our world.  People ask, “Where is God?”  To me, the answer is right here, look around.  The Holy One is seeping into our world in places of liberation and laughter, in places of generosity and new life, on mountain tops and in river valleys, in waterfalls and awe-inspiring sunsets.  God is right here and this blog is a way for me to share the holiness and grace that I encounter in my everyday life.

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