Carnivorous Plants: Parrot Pitcher

Today, I want to introduce you to the parrot pitcher (Sarracenia psittacina), which is a type of trumpet pitcher! I like to think of the parrot pitcher as a bit of a magician or an illusionist. The parrot pitcher lies horizontally. In order to lure the animals in, the parrot pitcher places nectar on theContinue reading “Carnivorous Plants: Parrot Pitcher”

Rock the Boat

Luke 5:1-11 [watch the sermon video here] Ugh. Another useless night. Why do I even bother? Simon Peter thinks.He’s come up empty handed after a night of fishing.Night after night he has been fishing.Trying new parts of the water.Asking other fishers for the best method of catching fish.Mending the nets.Surely, he must be one throw away fromContinue reading “Rock the Boat”

Carnivorous Plants: Trumpet Pitcher

I am excited to share with you one of my new loves: carnivorous plants! Carnivorous plants rivet me. They eat insects, yes, but these plants are considered carnivorous rather than insectivorous because they have also been known to eat a stray tree frog or two! In the book Carnivorous Plants, Adrian Slack hypothesizes that carnivorousContinue reading “Carnivorous Plants: Trumpet Pitcher”