Proverbs of Friendship

Friendship is like a fortune that can never fully be spent.

Friendship is like an hour in the sunshine.
The warmth outside us becomes the warmth within us.

Friendship is anticipated laughter.
And it is remembered kindness.

Aging friendship is like a tree you get to see grow tall and full, as it stretches its arms to the sky and the years add to its splendor.

If you want to see splendor, look at your friend when they smile.

A new friend is a sunrise. An old friend is a sunset.
A lifelong friend is the sun itself.

Friendship is like bird watching, you never know what sacred sighting you will see in the silences of your friend’s soul.

Friendship is like ice cream by the water: joy and beauty at the same time.

Friendship is like a rock that changes over the years and also does not change at all.

Forgiveness is the soul of friendship.

An acquaintance counts to ten. A friend loses count.

Loneliness is like being lost in the supermarket. Friendship is like being at home with a well-stocked cupboard.

When you find a mirror, you find yourself.
If you cannot find a mirror, then find a friend.

Where there is friendship, there is no poverty.

Who has heard the voice of God?
The one who has a friend in time of need.

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