Liturgy of Farewell II

Blessing for a Move

One:    A church community is constantly changing. Babies are born, loved ones come to the end of their lives, individuals and families come and go in our church life. It is a step of faith to become involved with a church family, to develop a vision of the realm of God on earth and to work to make that vision a reality.

All:      It is also a step of faith to let go, as we must when those in our congregation feel called to relocate to a new place.

One:    We express our appreciation this morning for [names of people leaving], for their presence and action in our community, for the memories made together, the joys we have celebrated and the sorrows we have shared.


Individuals may briefly share a memory, word of gratitude, or blessing.


All:      We give thanks for your family’s varied gifts of leadership, music and service, for your friendship, kindness and faithfulness.

One:    We recognize that there is much that is unique about us here at [name of church], a distinctiveness that has brought us together as one people.

All:      Yet we recognize we have much in common with other churches. We do not merely let you go—we SEND you to a new place to serve and become involved in another part of the Body of Christ.

One:    As you depart, know that there is much about you that will not leave: friendships will not end, and what you have offered here will be a foundation for the future.

All:      As you travel, we wish you Godspeed. As you settle in to a new place, may God’s loving kindness be a reminder of our ongoing concern for you.

Cranes:   We will take your blessings with us, and we offer to you a blessing as well—may you know Christ’s love and the Spirit’s joy in all that you do together.

All:      God of all who journey, bless [names of people leaving] as they follow you all their days. May they know your guidance in every step. Bless this church as we learn to live your story in new ways. Comfort and challenge us all with your presence, wherever we may be, and give us courage to be your faithful people in every place. In Christ’s name. Amen.

Source: Adapted from a prayer that I received from the Reverend Teri Peterson

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