All Saints Litany

One:   God of Grace and Passion, we praise you for your great love known through the faithful witness of your beloved children. Open our hearts to their spirits that we might draw strength and courage from your mighty works in them.

Many: Gracious God, join us with our kindred in love.

One:    How wonderful are your ways, O God; how thrilling the wonders of your creation, for you have endowed your saints with gifts of your grace: love, to lavish on one other; courage, to embody your dream of justice; hope, to envision a better world.

Many: Pour out your Spirit upon us, Holy One, and strengthen us with these gifts.

One:    Loving God, we honor the great ancestors of our faith, from Abraham and Sarah to Paul and Phoebe.  We remember prophets and priests, ministers and teachers who taught us the Way.

Hymn                           “For All the Saints Who’ve Shown their Love”                            Verse 1

Many: We remember deceased friends and family members; we remember loved ones and significant others who have gone before us in our lifetime. 

One:    We lift up to you, O God, the names of those who have died yet remain with us in the communion of all saints.

(congregation lifts up the names of saints past)

One:    We celebrate the lives of those we have named, O God, and lift up many more names in our hearts.

Many: Family of God, we remember you and we honor you.

Hymn                           “For All the Saints Who’ve Shown their Love”                            Verse 2

 One: O God, we give you thanks for all your living saints. We celebrate this day those who actively embody your love and peace in our world.  We lift up names of those who are with us today, inspiring us as we journey on the Way.

(congregation lifts up names of saints present)

One:  O Holy One, unite us with all who boldly plant seeds of justice in the world.

Many: Blessed Jesus, hold them close to you and guide us in their footsteps.

Hymn                           “For All the Saints Who’ve Shown their Love”                            Verse 4

One:    For all the saints which are to come, for the children in our churches and in our communities, we offer our prayers of hope to you that you might care for and guide these future leaders, nurturing them and loving them to their fullest potential.

Many: For all your saints, Encouraging God, we pray blessings and courage.

One:    Who are these saints whom God loves and celebrates? Where shall we find them?

Many: We are all around you; we are here; and we praise and thank God for ourselves and each other.

One:    Bless us, all your saints, God of our birth. As we gather in your holy presence, unite us in all our glorious diversity to go forth and share the Good News of Christ’s love with the world.

All:      AMEN! AMEN!

Adapted from a prayer found in Equal Rites: Lesbian and Gay Worship, Celebrations and Ceremonies  by Kittredge Cherry and Zalmon Cherwood

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