Easter Communion Service

One: We gather now as one body, joined around the table.

Many: Here we celebrate God’s resurrecting presence among us, united in Christ’s spirit, broken and whole all at once.

One: Nourished and hungry, loved and loving, we make one circle of knowing.

Many: Believing, rejoicing, being, as God lights and rests among us.

One: Resurrecting God, we give thanks that you could not be contained by those who sought to entomb you. You broke forth from the silence of the grave; before you, the stone was moved, and the tomb of our world was opened wide.

All: Raised in hope made real, you revealed yourself to your friends as a beloved stranger, offering new life.

One: We remember how the Risen Christ appeared to two disciples, who did not recognize him, on the road to Emmaus. When they arrived at their destination, Jesus took the bread, blessed it, giving thanks to you O God, and gave it to them and then vanished from their sight. As the disciples took the bread, their hearts burned for they had seen Jesus!

Many: In the breaking of the bread, we celebrate that the Risen Christ is present among us.

One: Throughout Jesus’ life, Jesus feasted with stranger and friend alike. At the last feast, Jesus took the cup and blessed it and gave it to those who had gathered, saying, This is the cup of the new covenant, poured out for you and for many.

Many: The cup which we pour symbolizes our communion in the risen life. 

One: Let us join together as the priesthood of all believers in blessing these gifts, praying:

All: Come Holy Spirit, come and pour out your Spirit upon us and on these gifts of bread and fruit of the vine. Transform them and us into the Body of Christ that we might truly become the hands and feet of Jesus. Strengthen us to love and to serve. We ask this through Jesus, with Jesus, in Jesus. Amen.

Adapted from the liturgy in the Cambridge Welcoming Ministries bulletin written by Rev. Dr. Tiffany Steinwert (April 26th, 2009), which drew from The Feast of Our Lives by June Goudey (Pilgrim Press 2002) and Seeker Services, Equal Rites (Westminster John Knox, 1995).

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