Easter Sunrise Service

Opening Reading

Leader: Easter begins in despair. Our life, our love, our hope forever dead, crushed by boulder, bottled up in a cave.

Reader 1: Who will roll away the stone?

Leader: Easter takes us by surprise, early in the morning. The obstacles we expect to face are removed. Where once death and despair lay locked in time, now the bright light of hope sprouts wings to fly from emptiness. It is, at first, too good to be true.

Reader 2: Where have you laid him?

Leader: When faced with a miracle, our first reflex is to run.

Reader 1: Be not afraid. You seek Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified. He is risen; he is not here: see the place where they laid him. But go your way. Tell his disciples and Peter that he goes before you into Galilee. There you shall see him.

Leader: Suddenly the realization dawns. It may rise as quietly as the sun creeping over the horizon, or it may explode like fireworks, painting the world with dazzle. We recognize the One who was dead as he comes to life in us.

Reader 2: Christ is risen, risen indeed!

Readers: Alleluia!

Leader: And all who encounter the Risen One whether gently roused by the sunrise or surprised by the sudden burst of joy will join the Resurrection Procession one by one, slipping into step, some of us singing, some of us silently soaking it in, and all of us feeling like dancing.

Readers: Alleluia! Christ is risen, risen indeed!

Source: Touch Holiness edited by Ruth Duck and Maren Tirabassi

Hymn                                                                              “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”

Invocation (Unison)

O God of all our days, we come this morning with eager anticipation. We seek to know you, to see you, to touch you. Open our hearts, that we might experience you anew. Open our lives, that we may be faithful witnesses to your resurrection. May we, with shouts of joy, proclaim your steadfast, liberating love to all people, everywhere. Amen.

Source: Ministrymatters.com

 Poem                                                                                 “We Have Seen Jesus”                                            Written by Ann Weems

                                       Source: From Advent’s Alleluia to Easter’s Morning Light: Poetry for Worship, Study, and Devotion

Hymn                                                                                       “Lord of the Dance”


Go forth as God’s chosen witnesses, to proclaim all you have heard and seen and experienced.
We go forth in the name of the Risen Christ.
Go forth sustained by God’s steadfast love.
We go forth transformed and transforming.
Go forth with shouts of joy.
Christ is risen, indeed. Amen.

Source: ministrymatters.com

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