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Genesis 12:1-9: Rockpiles and Reverence
Genesis 12:1-9: Travelers on the Road


Isaiah 2:1-5: A Psalm for Peace
Isaiah 11:1-10: A Growing Tenderness
Isaiah 43: 16-21: The Jackals and the Ostriches
Isaiah 62:1-5: We Will Not Keep Silent


Joel 2:12-17: An Ash Wednesday Meditation on Hell’s Kitchen and Forgiveness


Esther 4:8-17: For Such a Time as This


Matthew 3:1-12: A Growing Tenderness
Matthew 25:1-13: The Heart of the Matter


Mark 1:29-39: Hands of Healing
Mark 10:46-52: Seeing Clearly
Mark 16:1-8: Finding Words to Speak (Easter)


Luke 1:39-55: The Song of Freedom
Luke 2:1-20: Christmas Meditation, Year C
Luke 2:1-15: Christmas Meditation, Year A
Luke 3:21-22: Words Whispered over Water
Luke 3:21-22: Finding Our Way Home
Luke 4:1-13: Travel Preparations
Luke 7:1-10: Faith-Full
Luke 7:11-16: What Do You See?
Luke 7:26-8:3: Anointing with Oil
Luke 8:26-39: A Commitment to Well-Being
Luke 9:51-62: The Cost of Discipleship
Luke 11:1-13: Shaped by Prayer
Luke 13:1-9: Clear the Chaos and the Clutter
Luke 13:10-17: Thank God
Luke 13:31-35: Finding the Way
Luke 14:1-14: God’s Spacious Hospitality
Luke 15:1-10: Delight
Luke 16:1-13: What Truly Matters
Luke 16:19-31: Softening Hearts
Luke 17:5-10: Seed-Sized Faith
Luke 19:1-10: From Another Vantage Point
Luke 24:1-12: Full of Amazement (Easter)


John 6:1-21: Life Giving Bread
John 6:51-58: Friendship Park
John 12:1-18: The Jackals and the Ostriches
John 13:1-8, 14-17, 31b – 35: I See You. I Bless You. (Maundy Thursday)
John 13:31-35: Love
John 14:23-29: Finding Peace
John 17:20-26: That They May Be One
John 21:1-19: Come and Eat


Acts 2:1-21: Location, Location, Location
Acts 16:9-15: That They May Be One


Romans 10:14-15: Beautiful are the Feet (Maundy Thursday)

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