My 36th Birthday

For my 36th birthday, my friend wrote me a song to celebrate the Arnold Arboretum. The song captures for me the stirrings that happened within me as I walked the arboretum this year. To see those stirrings in pictures, check out my Flickr account (here).

Heart and Soul
(Tune: Fields of Gold)

Take a walk with me
Far from city sounds
Within the arboretum
Make my joy complete as we look around
Let me see your heart and soul

Yes I say to you
We’ll stop and browse a while
Within the arboretum
On the hemlock hill where no one’s around
I will show my heart and soul

Far from any crowd
Underneath a yew
Within the arboretum
We can be ourselves, we are sought and found
In our lovely heart and soul

In katsura shade
While the sun beats down
Within the arboretum
Let them walk on by, we are happy here
As we show our heart and soul

Praise the redwoods strong
And the roses soft
Within the arboretum
In the rain and sun they and we endure
We have grown in heart and soul

Through the fall and freeze
To tender shoots and leaves
Within the arboretum
We have died and lived, we have risen again
In the power of heart and soul

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