My 35th Birthday

As I enter into the cusp of middle age this year, I don’t want to waste the minutes, hours, days of my life anymore.

On the eve of my birthday, I stripped my house of extra things, as I received many objects when my parents downsized, and began intensively organizing. I stripped my life of things that had been cluttering it, like social media newsfeeds (which I de-activated) and intensive smart phone usage. I prayed daily at midday with our church, had weekly times of connection with family and friends, wrote letters by hand, and spent long hours with the trees in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. The trees, which enchanted me, certainly revealed glory to me, as did the deepening human relationships around me. My church’s anti-racist book group and the anti-racist work I did outside of the group certainly made me come alive as I actively participated in the work of freeing myself and others.

The aliveness brought to me this year was like a fire, a fire that kindled that which was extraneous. It sparked instead a deep bonfire, and energy, that continues to blaze on in my heart.

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