Improv Comedy: Make Bold Choices

This week, one of my improv teaches told me that I have been a bit of a shrinking violet in class.  One rule of improv is to “make bold choices” and that is exactly what they pressed me to do: own the stage, share my weird ideas, and get out there!

Bold choices, they teach me, move the scene along. Bold choices move life along.

Lately, I think of making bold choices as a spiritual practice. 

I wonder: How can I make more daring decisions?  Take for instance, my running.  I have been training for months for a 50k that I have not actually signed up for.  Why?  There’s a time limit and I am afraid that I won’t finish in time.  I am afraid.

Honestly, although I have been putting in the miles, my pace is slow and a 50k feels impossible to me.  I could list a mile of self-doubts.  Not just for running, but for improv too. 

That’s why bold choices are a spiritual practice.  They don’t come naturally.

And that’s why I finally signed up for my 50k today and I pledge to volunteer for a scene in front of my 15-person class and also start a scene when I have no ideas.

May my bold choices move life along.  My 50k is October 6th.

As I train, will you join me in trying out something that feels impossible for you? 

Whatever it is, we can do it together.  I’ll keep you posted on my journey and would love if you keep me posted on yours.

At least, if I fail or you fail, we will fail daring greatly and, in the end, we can say, we were not too afraid to try.

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