Pursuing Excellence

1 Corinthians 3:1-9 How do we pursue excellence – in our lives, in our world, in our churches? I was thinking of that question this week when I read this story of well-known pastor and author Nadia Bolz Weber.  Nadia tells the story of a time, after she published her spiritual autobiography, when she began to receive massive amounts of email and Facebook messages.  Concerned what others thought of her, Nadia diligently returned every email and Facebook message she received from strangers, seminary students and desperate pastors alike.  Every single one.  She wanted to be accessible and well-liked, but the thing is that because she was answering all these emails from the public she wasn’t answering any emails from those she cared about – friends, family and congregants.  Caught in a dilemma, Nadia was afraid if she stopped answering emails, strangers would say, “Oh Nadia? Yeah, I emailed her once but apparently she thinks she’s too good to return my email.” She was afraid that she didn’t continue to respond to the massive amount of emails that people wouldn’t think that she was excellent. So she worked harder. Eventually, Nadia came to terms with the fact that she could not control what everyone thought of her, so she put out a generic reply to that said she was not able to respond because she had attend to her family, friends and church.  She said to “no” to one area in […]

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