Pentecost Altarscape & Celebration

IMG_6817For Pentecost this year, I did a simple design.  I went to Joann Fabric and Craft Store and bought two red fabrics: a solid, shiny red fabric and a clear, gauzy red one.

I put down the shiny one the table first first.  Then I place the cross stand on top (it’s a square that is about three inches tall that is the platform for the cross).  I draped the gauzy material over the stand and the rest of the table, which gave me some elevation with which to play.  I then placed the cross on top of the stand to hold the material in place.

For the candles, I would fold over a portion of the gauzy material and then put a candle on top, near the beginning of the fold.  This left several inches of material which covered the front of the candle. I did this for each successive candle.  By folding over a portion of the material before placing a candle on top of it, I was able to create a look that was more flow-y & fiery, which was very appropriate for Pentecost!

My church complimented the look with fresh white lilacs.


In addition to altarscape, my church also celebrated Pentecost with temporary tattoos designed by Silver Tree (which can be found here).  These markings remind us of the message of the Spirit: joy, delight, compassion and peace!  We set them up on a table with wash clothes and water so people could put them on at their leisure.

How did you celebrate Pentecost?  I would love to hear what you did — post in the comment section below.

Blessings on your Pentecost!  May the Spirit of God breathe fresh life into your being!



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